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Burrville Cider Mill Falls

Burrville Cider Mill Falls may be the tastiest waterfall around. Located on the grounds of Burrville Cider Mill just outside of Watertown, the waterfall is located next to the historic Burrville Cider Mill. Originally built in 1801, the mill is one of the oldest buildings in Jefferson County. The mill used to be a sawmill and gristmill, but was converted to a cider mill in 1948. The 30 foot tall waterfall is located on Jacobs Creek behind the mill, but you can see the waterfall from a deck on the side of the mill or from the bridge on nearby Plank Road. The deck is on private property, but access is granted by the owners of the cider mill. There can be some low flow with the waterfall during the summer months, but it can be pretty during the fall or after a steady rain. So grab yourself a cup a cider or a doughnut and come see the waterfall!

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Owls Head Mountain in Long Lake

One of several mountains in the Adirondacks named Owls Head Mountain, this particular Owls Head Mountain is located just outside of Long Lake. There are four separate summits to the mountain, and that gives Owls Head Mountain the appearance of looking like an owl, which is how the mountain got its name. From the trailhead on Endion Road, just west of NY Route 30, it is a 3.1 mile hike to the fire tower at the summit. For the first couple of miles, the hike is a relatively easy go, with some gradual hills. The last mile is more of a steep climb over plenty of rocks. There are the remains of an observer's cabin around the col towards the summit as well. Once at the summit, you are treated with some stunning views, both on the ground and up the fire tower as well. The fire tower is part of the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge. Views of Long Lake and Blue Mountain can be seen from the cliffs, whereas climbing the fire tower gives you commanding views around the central Adirondacks.

Wolcott Falls

Just outside of downtown Wolcott, New York is an easily accessible waterfall, appropriately named Wolcott Falls. Located at Wolcott Falls Park across from Mill Pond (a pond created during the days of grist mills), there is an observation deck to see the 50 foot tall waterfall right next to the parking area, along with an informational kiosk. However, if you want to do that just observe the falls from above, there is a short trail behind the picnic pavilion that goes down the hill and alongside Wolcott Creek that lets you get closer to the bottom of the waterfall.

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