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Thompsons Lake

Sometimes the smaller lakes have the most attractions. Every so often, I can be seen paddling my way around the water in my kayak at Thompsons Lake, just up the road from Thacher State Park. Thompsons Lake has opportunities for boating from the DEC ramp and boat landing that is located along NY Route 157 at the south end of the lake. The parking area only fits about a half dozen cars, so parking can be tight at times. From there, you can start a peaceful journey around the lake, whether your boat takes you fishing, or just spending some peaceful moments in nature. I once spotted a bald eagle hanging out in the trees while kayaking on the lake. At the northern end of the lake, you have Thompsons Lake Campground, which has a nice beach and places to camp, along with the Emma Treadwell Thacher Nature Center, which has some hands-on nature exhibits for children and families.

Looking at Thompsons Lake from the boat ramp at the south end of the lake.

Houses and boats adorn parts of the shore of the lake.

Another view of where the boats would come in to land.

November view of the lake. Thompsons Lake Campground is at the other far end of the lake.

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