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Beebe Hill Fire Tower

One of the fire towers in New York State, Beebe Hill Fire Tower is located in the Beebe Hill State Forest near Austerlitz, not far from the state border with Massachusetts. From the trailhead near Barrett Pond just off of Columbia County Route 5, it is about an one mile hike in each direction to the 1726 foot summit of Beebe Hill. The hike is pleasant and historical, going past a cemetery and some old stone walls from the days of yore on your way to the fire tower. Even the fire tower has some history to it, as the tower was first constructed on Alander Mountain just over the state border with Massachusetts in 1928, then moved to Washburn Mountain in Columbia County in 1933 before being moved to Beebe Hill in 1964. Today, you can explore the fire tower and the nearby lean-to that has been built near the fire tower. From the top of the fire tower, you can see the nearby Berkshires and Taconic Range as well as the Catskills in the far distance.

Barrett Pond
A small cemetery that you will pass along the way to the fire tower. It is known as Fog Hill Cemetery or Frenchman's Cemetery.

Not a particularly strenuous hike along an old forest road.

Trails to other nearby hills. Harvey Mountain is located in the nearby Harvey Mountain State Forest that borders the state line between New York and Massachusetts.

A classic stone wall, possibly from the days of the patroonships.

A small pond along the trail that looks like it may be drying out.

Almost to the top of Beebe Hill now.

The ranger cabin at the top of Beebe Hill. It looks like it is no longer in use.

The Beebe Hill Fire Tower looks like it is quite popular on the day I visited.

The cab of the fire tower looks open. Let's explore!
Extreme close up of the fire tower.
Looking towards the east towards the Taconic Range and the Berkshires.

Looking west towards the Catskills.

Looking west towards the Catskills again.
A parting shot of the nearby Columbia County farmland.

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