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Russell Brook Falls

Located deep in the woods between Roscoe and Downsville, Russell Brook Falls is a magnificent waterfall in the western Catskills. You can access the trail to the waterfall from the Mud Pond and Trout Pond Hiking Trail parking lot, via the narrow and twisty Russell Brook Road, and before then, you can take Morton Hill Road from New York State Route 206.

Once you start hiking, it is only about a quarter mile walk to the falls. You would cross over a snowmobile bridge and soon after crossing, there is a herd path near the remnants of a dam at the right that will take you to the 30 foot tall lower falls. There is also an upper falls, which is about 10 feet tall. The waterfall is in a beautifully intimate environment with a cliff on one side of Russell Brook Falls. I did manage to get my feet wet with some of the photos I took, owing to the waterfall's photogenic nature. While it was a short visit to Russell Brook Falls for me, it was worth the long drive down side roads to get there.

Snowmobile bridge on the trail to the falls.

Russell Brook Falls from a side angle.

There is a side trail that allows you to get a view of the falls from a higher angle.

Old dam remnant.
Heading back to the trailhead.

How to Get There:

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Bobbies Waterfalls - Russell Brook Falls


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